I’m Guy, and I’ve been making pens for quite a few years now. I started making bowls, rolling pins and candlesticks for work colleagues, friends and family and my family ended up with so many bowls they sent me on a pen making course.


I enjoyed the course, and I’ve never looked back. I still make the odd bowl and lamp, but pens are my passion these days.


The pens I make are unique. I try very hard never to make the same pen twice. The combination of acrylics, wood, pen style and pen types means there are almost endless configurations to make. Before making a pen, I try and imagine what the result would look and feel like, and who might use it.


I make all the pens in my workshop and prefer to work alone. Mainly because with me and my wheelchair in there, there is little room left for anyone else.


The majority of the pens I make are given as gifts or to charitable causes and are auctioned off to the high bidder.


Thank you for looking at my site, and if you want a specific type of pen made, please contact me. Nothing is too much trouble.