This high-end rollerball pen furniture was designed and made exclusively for Beaufort Ink in the UK. There will be a matching Rollerball but I haven't made it yet. 


Designed and engineered to sit amongst the highest quality pen available, , the rollerball, twist-action ballpoint pen have no gimmicks or bling. They are made to the most exacting standards and tolerances, feature premium quality platings and come with the very best of rollerball refills and German-made mechanisms.


The acrylic was also made in the UK and designed especially for me to make this pen.


I love the way the pine cones take on shapes that make then unrecognisable from their original form.


This pen comes with a refillable reservoir, three disposable cartridges, a tied velvet pouch and a high-quality velvet coated, spring-loaded metal presentation case


This pen is part of a matching pair and has a rollerball pen that compliments it beautifully.






Titanium Maester Rollerball Pen in Ocean Blue and Pine Cones