A rollerball that nicely compliments the fountain pen. A chunkier pen for those who like to feel the weight of a pen when they write. 


The Cross on the tips and clips are a reference to the Fleur-de-lis. In the Middle Ages, the symbols of lily and Fleur-de-lis overlapped considerably in Christian religious art. The three petals of the heraldic design reflect a widespread association with the Holy Trinity. Here we are using the three to symbolize the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.


The braided rope detail reinforces the concept of the trinity, with a braided rope being made from three separate stands into something much stronger. Smooth writing performance with a Parker style refill. Plus, with its rich, warm copper finish and dark antique highlights, the details of this pen will surely impress. It comes with a tied velvet pouch.

    Gold Love Faith and Hope in Pink and White

    SKU: Gold_LFH_Roller_Pink_Black