This strikingly beautiful looking fountain pen nearly wasn't made. I had lots of trouble getting the wood and acrylic to remain stable whilst turning and gave up on it three times. Each time it didn't go as planned, I put it to one side and pondered what to do with it. I picked up back up yesterday and had one final attempt at finishing it. Well, I'm pleased I did as it turned out just great. The blue swirl and the golden stabilised oak burr work perfectly together and it looks just like a desert island.


Like all Omega pens, it is well balanced and has a postable cap. The nib is medium but can be changed to a fine or broad if desired. Also, a #5 Bock nib can be fitted at a small cost.


The high-quality of the Omega pen provides the pen with a solid and upmarket feel. This pen comes with a refillable reservoir, three disposable cartridges, a tied velvet pouch and a high-quality velvet coated, spring-loaded metal presentation case

Gold Omega Fountain Pen Desert Island

SKU: GoldOmegaFPDesertIsland