This pen has been a labour of love for some time. My first attempts at working with Myrtlewood didn't turn out too well as the wood tends to chip and splinter very easily. Not many people seem to use Myrtlewood at all nevermind attempt to make a pen from it. So this is a unique pen indeed. To ensure I got the most from the grain and obtained a deep rich colour, I applied five coats of mineral oil over two day period. 


The Omega design is a mainstay of pen makers and provides a quality feel from the metal furniture. The gold goes nicely with the fluctuating wavy pattern and colour of the Myrtlewood.


It is finished with 15 coats of CA (Cyanoacrylate) and highly polished to give it an extremely high gloss that will last for years.


Comes with a high-quality refill and a tied velvet pouch



Gold Omega Rollerball in Myrtlewood

SKU: GoldOmegaRBMyrtle