Whenever I make a pen, I always look at it and try and figure out what the pattern reminds me of. This Omega looks like it is a photograph of where the sea and land dance with each other and never quite agree on the boundaries. I quite like this one as it has a flowing motion to the pattern and never seems to stand still.


The high-quality of the Omega pen provides the pen with a solid and upmarket feel. This pen comes with a refillable reservoir, three disposable cartridges, a tied velvet pouch and a high-quality velvet coated, spring-loaded metal presentation case


This Omega pen is part of the mix and match and can be bought as either a Fountain pen or a Rollerball when you order a pair and you also get 10% discount when checking out.


Silver Omega Rollerball - Earth from above

SKU: SilverOmegaRBEarthAbove