A piece of English Oak has been stabilised and coloured in green and blue dye with some for its natural colouring preserved, combine this with a gradated sparkling blue swirl acrylic and the result is truly spectacular. The similarity between the pen and an aerial map of land and sea is quite remarkable. I've even managed to line up the cap and body to continue the stunning pattern.


The Omega design is a mainstay of pen makers and provides a quality feel from the metal furniture.


Stabilising is when all the moisture and air pockets in the wood are replaced with an epoxy resin in a high-pressure vacuum chamber. The result is a very charming and long-lasting effect that won't fade, crack or shrink. 


Comes with a refillable reservoir, a black disposable cartridge and a tied velvet pouch

Silver Omega Fountain Earth Pen

SKU: SilverOmegaFPEarth